Accutone Tb710 Direct Rj Headset

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Lightweight Durable Headset. Weighing about 40 grams (depending on the model), the 710-RJ series is the strongest headset ever-built within the lightweight class. Direct Connect Cable. By removing the quick-disconnect -or, the 710-RJ makes connection to Accutone Dialer series headset telephone or any compatible desktop phones simple and easy. Award-Winning Design. Minimalistic design with elegant curves and well-built architecture gives the 710-RJ a perfect combination of style and functionality. Professional Acoustic Performance. Equipped with a proprietary 28mm voice-enhance speaker, and the latest technology of noise-cancelling microphone boom, the call clarity for the 710-RJ headset is simply excellent. Perfect Fit and Adjustments. With an extendable metallic headband, rotatable earpiece and multi-adjustable microphone boom, the 710-RJ fits users of all head sizes and preferences. ASP. Sound protection against sudden burst of incoming signal is protected by the Acoustic Shock Protection circuitry. [download id="6235" template="button"]
Material: ABS POM Headset Dimension: 17.5 x 14.5 x 4cm Weight: 40 g Speaker Size: 28mm diameter speaker Sensitivity: 105dB ±3dB (SPL/100mV@1K Hz) Impedance: 150? ±15% Frequency Response: 200~5000Hz Microphone Dimension: 6mm diameter x 5mm height Microphone Sensitivity: -62dB ±3dB Impedance: 2200 ? Directivity: Noise-Canceling/Omni-Directional Cord Specification: 1.5m without Quick Disconnector Plug Connection: RJ-9 connects to telephone handset port If youíre looking for the perfect balance between durability and comfort this headset is the one for you. No longer are the two key ingredients in telecommunications headsets mutually exclusive. This headset works exceptionally well as an all round call center headset. The earpiece fits on the product using a flexible fitting that will move within a large range of angles so it rests comfortably on your ear. Along with a flexible ear piece the headband is full adjustable to all head sizes. This headset can guarantee a comfortable ride throughout the most stressful of call center days. The 710-RJ Direct-Connect headset comes with a non-detachable cable with a standard RJ-9 modular plug for the easiest installation. Connect to a standard desktop telephone with the correct pin-alignment or with any Accutone Dialer series headset telephone, this is the easiest and most affordable solutions in the market. The 710-RJ series comes in both monaural and binaural versions. Combining the latest technology in noise-cancelling microphone and voice-band enhanced loudspeaker, the acoustics of the 710-RJ series is simply excellent, by far the best value for money in the market! 710-RJ series also comes with industrial-grade ASP (Acoustic Shock Protection) and a pair of highly comfortable large ear cushions.
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