Accutone 610 Mark Ii

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Unique 610 Oval Speaker Chamber for Comfort and Noise Isolation Superb Audio with 40mm Loudspeakers Soft-Microphone Boom with NC Mic Comes with Quick Disconnector Metallic Colored Dual-Tone Headset Arm Hexagon Shape Structural design for Strength
The strongest and toughest headset in the market is finally getting a facelift. After more than a decade of domination as the unbreakable professional call center headset, the 610 by Accutone has been evolved into the 610MKII. An impossible task, how do you improve upon one of the best all-time seller? A headset that is known for its audio quality, comfort and durability, the 610, of course, can still improve in many ways. Starting with a modernized look, the 610MKII is more stylish, sleek and sharp- looking, but with Accutoneís unique hexagon structure design, it is just as strong and tough. Using the latest soft microphone boom design, 610MKII is capable of dual-microphone option, which allows ProNC function in some models. The NC microphone also uses the newest ìSingle Chamberî design for super passive noise cancelling performance. Yet, aside from all the changes, MKII still retains various infamous features from its popular TM predecessor. From the SuperStrength metallic headband to the iconic and comfortable oval-shaped earpads; from the wideband 40mm loudspeakers to the quick-disconnecting cable which supports all existing bottom cables, the 610MKII is the best combination of heritage and innovation, power and elegance, toughness and beauty.
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